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Send your image to


We prefer  .ps, pdf, photoshop .psd 300 resolution, high quality jpeg 300, tif 300 resolution, gif 300 resolution (Add your invoice Number to your image along with name and number to contact you thanks)




Proofing will add several days to your production timeline. This proof enables you to view the imprint, but it will not depict exact imprint colors nor will it illustrate the exact imprint size, as it is merely a computer-generated image. We require approval or changes in writing via our online form for record purposes and to avoid miscommunication.

Although every effort will be made to prevent errors such as grammar, spelling and layout, we will not be responsible for any errors on an order that was proofed and approved by you or your representative proofing the order on your behalf. These errors will be corrected at the customer's sole expense.

*If an order has a specific "in hands" date, a proof may delay production, thus jeopardizing your chances of receiving the order in a timely manner. We will not be held responsible for any resulting delays on these orders. All shipping and delivery dates are ESTIMATED and are not guaranteed.

Proofs are not intended to be 'decision making tools' for the customer. There will be no option to cancel an order simply because the proof is not working out. The longer you take to approve a proof – either because of changes that you request, or otherwise – the longer the delay in the production of your order. Please do not place an order merely in order to obtain a proof, as the order will be binding, regardless of whether the proof is approved or not.Thank you 


Mail to :  64 Main St Camden, NY 13316

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